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  • French condiments make the dish, but finding French sauces, spices from France and French condiments online can be a real pain. Here we’ve gathered all of our favorite spices, sauces and ingredients to give your meals that extra oomph. Strong Dijon French Mustard from Amora

    (both small and large sizes), Dry French Forest Mushrooms, Fleur de Sel (what most sea salt in the US is sourced from, but nowhere near as processed) or Guerande French Salt Flower, French Provence Four Spices (the only 4 spices you need some say), French Provence Rouille Spices (Rouille from its rust color),

  • Epices Rabelais, Herbes de Provence French Herb Mix, Pommery Fine French Mustard in stone jars and last but not least, Amora’s Savora French Mustard Condiment. Stock your pantry up with these spices (or epices) and you’ll be on your way to being an authentic French chef!

    When it comes to French condiments for sale online in the US, you need to know what to buy! When most of us think of French food we think of the elaborate haute cuisine we see on cooking shows, but most French food is actually simple ingredients paired

  • with time honored blends of spices that get you just the right desired result. Here we’re going to talk about a few of the French spices for sale online we have on our site and a few others you may want to try and find locally. After all, the spice makes the dish! Bon appetite.

    Ground Pepper – It can come in red, green, black and white, each with its own flavor. Pepper actually comes from dried berries on a tropical vine, you'll want to be able to look at the peppercorns before you buy them, so stick to whole pepper in a mill that is very dry.

  • Saffron – In the Middle Ages Saffron was worth its weight in gold and then some – finding fresh saffron is nearly impossible and it can take over 50,000 flowers to make a single pound of spice! It’s one of the world’s most expensive spices, but it’s so worth it, especially for fish dishes

    Garlic – about half of all recipes worldwide call for garlic, always have some on hand!
    Tarragon – Tarragon needs to be chopped or cut very fine, but it is an important spice to have.
    Rosemary – You’ll find this in many of our spice mixes (some four spices and Herbes de Provence have it in there)

  • Marjoram – Pizzas, grilled foods, sauces and even stuffing are improved with Marjoram. You’ll want to mix it with Rosemary to bring out all the flavors.
    Star Anise – Pastis, pasties, candies and even in marinades for game hens will call for star anise.

    It can be hard to find and a little goes a long way.
    Cardamom – a bit like Ginger, this French spice makes a great marinade and goes well on vegetables.

  • These are just some of the French spices you can find, but what about French sauces for sale online in the US? We have strong Pommery Fine French Mustard as well as an assortment of Amora strong Dijon mustards and the infamous Savora “French Mustard Condiment”

    (sounds a bit Japanese but you have to give it a try!).
    We have different mixes as well, with Provence Four Spices, Epices Rabelais (Rabelais Spices), Herbes de Provence for sale online, Imported French Guerande Salt Flower shipped in the US, and so much more. Check out our selection today!