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Amora Dijon Mustard Le Panier Francais

When it comes to mustard, nothing can beat the fine and distinctive taste of France’s well know Dijon mustard. With a bit of verjuice and wine in it, Dijon mustard has its own taste that will add a burst of flavor to your mild hotdog, meat or any other food as the perfect condiment to go along. However, if you need your mustard to be more than just that, the only thing you should pick without thinking twice about it is Amora French Dijon Mustard.

Amora — Your Ultimate Choice of Mustard

Amora Dijon Mustard is a quintessential product that is found is every French kitchen and is used in a variety of recipes. If you are always reaching out for your generic brand of yellow mustard, a taste of this classic French Dijon mustard is going to leave your taste buds in awe. Vinaigrettes, sauces and meat dishes in France are incomplete without Amora mustard, adding a zest of flavor to all of them. If you ask the French about one household brand that is bound to be in their kitchens, Amora Dijon mustard is going to be on that list for sure.

What Makes Amora Dijon So Special

Compared to the mild taste of yellow mustard, Dijon mustard is a bit more tangy and sharper in taste. However, some brands overemphasize this sharpness, often making the taste of the mustard completely a turn-off. You can easily use this slightly tangy mustard to prepare any type of food without worrying about ruining the flavor. Instead, you can rest assured that it will add a world of flavor to whatever you pair it with.

Moreover, manufactured in France, this mustard has a classic French taste that definitely has something to do with the French art of making cuisine. The mustard is created in a completely traditional way, using white wine and a selection of the best ground mustard seeds, spices and a few of the company’s secret ingredients. Named one of the top 100 household brands in France, Amora Dijon is an undisputed leader when it comes to perfectly-made French Dijon mustard.

Go Green with Amora Dijon

If you are into buying green products, Amora gives you one more reason to pick a bottle of its mustard among many others. Amora mustard comes in an eco-friendly jar made from completely recyclable glass. So, when you are picking up a bottle of this amazing Dijon mustard, you can rest assured that you are not adding to waste and pollution!

Pick Only the Best!

Like the saying goes, we are what we eat! So there are definitely no compromises to make when it comes to picking the best food items, and when it’s mustard, it has to be Amora Dijon. You won’t find a single Frenchmen who isn’t in love with this absolutely scrumptious mustard that adds a distinctive, unique and pleasurable taste to all your meals. You can order Amora Dijon Mustard right here from our store to entice your taste buds and add true flavor to your meal.

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