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Brunel French Cornichons Gherkins In Vinegar 12.3 OZ (350g)

  • Brunel French Cornichons Gherkins In Vinegar 12.3 OZ (350g)

  • Brand: Brunel
  • SKU: C1001
  • Net Weight: 350g/ 12.3oz
  • $5.19

Imagine a pickle that is picked right before the peak of the gherkin’s maturity, giving you a crispness and a full-bodied flavor that pops right in your mouth. This pickle is real and it’s called a cornichon. Brunel French Cornichons Gherkins in Vinegar is both crisp and tart. Cornichons have that acidity and bite that gives it that competitive edge over the traditional pickle. Imported from France, they’re grown in small French orchards where people have been pickling cucumbers for centuries, alongside apple orchards and all the tasty bounty that nature offers up in this sunny part of Europe.

French cornichons and gherkins are put to the test. It’s no secret that the French themselves are very discerning about their pickles. They’re used for snacks, salads, dipped in mustard, and served alongside pâté and delicious cheese platters. Why suffer from another pickle when you can have one of Brunel’s French cornichons gherkins in vinegar? Enjoy a different pickle today.

Ingredients: gherkins, water, salt, vinegar, aromatic herbs 

Product of France.

Net Weight 350g/ 12.3oz

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