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  • Want to add a bit of France to your next breakfast? Here we have strong Carte Noire Ground French Coffee and French Ground Coffee Grand Mere to help get your day started off right. Not acidic like American coffees, our French coffee for sale online in the US is all the flavor and caffeine you need without any of the gastric bite you find in American coffees.Bonne Maman French Violet Fig Jams and

    Bonne Maman Rhubarb French Jams can be tough to find, but we have them for sale! LU French Cracotte is a crispy cereal bread that’s whole grain, full of fiber and waiting for a delicious spread (finally, something French without all the guilt!) or eat it as part of a snack. French Chocolate Banania Breakfast Mix has been a big hit in France for almost a century and has all the good stuff to keep kids big and small going all day long.

  • French breakfast is much different than its American counterpart; instead of breakfast you would have “le petit dejeuner” or the little lunch. Coffee, a croissant, maybe a breakfast pastry is what most French go with. You can get plain yoghurt, but it’s more like the Greek yoghurt you find at the store, unsweetened and a bit hard to eat if you like something sweet! Try some fromage blanc with a bit of jelly and you’ll be good to go.

    Buy French coffee for sale online shipped in the US from the American coffee you’re used to. It’s more like espresso, it’s full and heavy and it doesn’t leave you hungry. This is why so many French start off the day with a coffee, some bread and a piece of fruit. In France you won’t even be able to find a breakfast restaurant – but you’ll find many cafes will serve a pastry and some coffee for a few euros.

  • But you don't have to go all the way to France to enjoy a real French Breakfast! Check out our delicious all natural Bonne Maman French Jams for sale online; buy rhubarb French preserves and even French Provence Violet Fig Jam too from us. Everything you need to get enjoy a morning in or on the go can be found, so order up today.