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French Cookies

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  • There’s just something special about a French cookie. Here we’re offering Buttery Mere Poulard French Brittany Palets cookies, Mere Poulard French Brittany Sables cookies, and French Brittany Palmiers (elephant ear) cookies. French Choco BN Cookies and French Strawberry BN Cookies

    can spice up any snacktime, and LU Barquettes Strawberry Cookies have to be tried too! Brittany cookies from the North of France (Normandy in particular) are crisp and buttery. BN from Nantes, France’s Cookie Capital, come in fun and delicious flavors. LU, a time honored classic, is fruity and delicious. Pick up a box (or three!) and bring a little France

  • French cookies like French Macarons, Palmiers, Madeleines and even Brittany butter cookies are part of a long French tradition of excellent products! Did you know that the first cookies are thought to have been made in present day Iran? Sugar came up from Southeast Asia and luckily for us someone thought to make cookies, pastries and cakes with it.

    The ancestor of today’s modern day cookie can be traced to 14th century France, where little crème and sugar filled wafers were for sale throughout Paris. Biscuits would last forever and people started taking them with them on journeys – sometimes sweet, often savory, lives depended on these cookies and crackers for survival.

  • Many of the cookies we have here have been favorites in France since the 19th century (if not longer!), and many come from family companies. Mere Poulard French Brittany Cookies (both Palets and Sables) are made in a world heritage

    site in Normandy, French LU cookies were made by a couple turned baking team (combining both their last name initials to create LU). French Choco BN cookies, both strawberry and chocolate come from Nantes, France’s Cookie capital.