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  • Looking for French drinks for sale online? From Teisseire syrups to Badoit French Sparkling water you’ll find it here. Buy drink syrup mixes online here instead of hoping Amazon doesn’t send you crushed leaking bottles! We have Lemon (citron), Mint Teisseire Menthe,

    Pomegranate Grenadine Teisseire, Pink Grapefruit Teisseire Pamplemousse, Strawberry Teisseire Fraise and French Sparkling Water too.
    Did you know that until the 1500s we didn’t know how to make syrups, much less French concentrated drink syrups?

  • The French were the first to write about methods of preserving fruits in sugar – what they didn’t know then was that syrops have antibacterial properties – with so little air and room to grow it won’t be able to ferment or be a place for bacteria to grow. This is why Teisseire sirops (syrups) are made with all natural ingredients

    and no artificial colors or preservatives.
    Another product we feature is Badoit French Sparkling Water for sale online; a high quality mineral water you’ll find on tables across France in homes and haute cuisine restaurants alike, you’ll be able to enjoy your meal