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  • Do you offer coupons? Answer: Yes, we do offer coupons, such as free shipping above $55 or a discount level. Please do not hesitate to contact our help desk at +1-800-215-2140 to place an order and get a coupon.
  • Can I combine coupons? Answer: No, you can't. If you receive a discount coupon and free shipping above $55, you won't be able to combine the two offers. You can apply only one coupon code during the checkout process. 


  • When can I expect my order to be shipped? Answer: When an order is placed and funded, we'll ship your package the same day or the following business day at the latest.

  • Do you have a preferred carrier? Answer: Yes, we are working with UPS, mainly using ground shipping method.

  • Are you using shipping methods like SurePost or SmartPost? Answer:No we don't use those shipping methods. Your package will be handled by UPS only from our warehouse to your door, without any transit through USPS. We are also proposing USPS discounted rates.

  • Do you ship to P.O. boxes? Answer: We do not ship to P.O. boxes. UPS requires a physical address. For PO Box,, please choose USPS during the checkout process.

  • How can I know the status of my order? Answer: Go to your account and click on "Order Status" to check the status of your order. You'll be able to see if your order has shipped.

  • How can I track my package? Answer: You can see all of the information related to your order by logging into your account on our website. Click on "Order Status", then click on "View Order Details". You'll see a tracking number at the bottom of the page. Click on that number to see where your package is.

  • Are your products shipped from France? Answer: No, our products are imported from France, but they are shipped from Chicago, IL in the United States Of America. The inventory that you can purchase on our website is located in the western suburb of Chicago.



  • Is your website secured? Answer: Yes our website is secured. We have taken every step necessary to ensure our customers with the latest level of security. View more information about the security precautions we and our partners have taken on our Seals and Trust Badges page. 


  • How can I return my package? Answer: Please go into your account area, and click on "Order Completed" and "Returm Items". Please give us an explaination in order to start the return process. A return number will be created and someone from our staff will contact you for followup and guidance.
  • Can I cancel my order? Answer: Yes, you can. Please follow the return package process described above to cancel an order. Access your account area and click on the "Order Completed" menu, then click "Returm Items". Please provide an explaination in order to start the cancellation process. A return number will be created and someone from our staff will contact you for followup and guidance, to refund you, to issue a store credit or to replace the products.



  • Do you ship if it's too hot or cold?Answer:  No, we reserve the right not to ship if the weather does not permit. You don't want to receive melted chocolate or frozen bottles. We’ll warn our customers in case of extreme weather. We have shipping during bad weather conditions in the past with poor results, so we are now more cautious to ensure the highest quality when our customers' orders arrive.
  • Are your products imported from France? Answer: Yes, most are imported from France. The country of origin is listed within each product description on our website. We have a few products (such as foie gras, cassoulet and some pates) that are not imported from France due to a ban issued by the FDA. However we import those products from Canada, since they are made by French companies based generally in Quebec.
  • Why my product shows an expired date? Answer:We import the products from France and in Europe the days and months on the expiration date sticker are crossed. Eg 5/12/2015 means Dec, 5th 2015.
  • What is the Near - Expired Date - Dented category? Answer: This category is dedicated to products that are going to have a best by date almost reached, expired or products that are "reasonably dented" meaning that some products could have small dents, but doesn't deteriorate the quality of the products. You can enjoy discounted products if you select theses items from that category. The expiration date is always mentioned. 



Do you offer wholesale pricing? Answer: Yes, we do. Please contact us and we'll be glad to open your wholesale account. You'll be able to order our products online at wholesale pricing.



  • Please view our Policies page for more information about our privacy, shipping, security, payment and return/cancellation policies.