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  • Our Foie Gras, Pates and Rillettes are handpicked and carefully sources, bringing you the best of the best of French cuisine. Palme d’Or Foie Gras is produced in Quebec by a French company with time honored French recipes and methods. Brittany Henaff Pate is fantastic on fresh croissants and baguettes, a piece of toast and

    with our cornichons. Britanny Henaff Pork Rillettes and Rougie Duck Rillettes are delicious, but so is Rougie countryside pate. Pick up the large size Foie Gras and share with some friends, or have a little bit just for yourself. Either way, enjoy and try our buy foie gras online in the US today.

  • History of Foie Gras
    Foie gras means “fat liver” in French – doesn’t sound that delicious, but it actually is! It’s made from the livers of geese or ducks that have been fattened up, in North America this is regulated strictly with natural feeding methods and rules against harsh treatment.

    We source our Foie Gras from Quebec – due to strict import rules from the USDA it’s virtually impossible to get imported from France.Foie Gras can actually be traced back over 2500 years ago to Ancient Egypt, where they produced Foie Gras much like they did today.

  • The Greeks would feed birds and cows figs as would the Romans, while the Chinese had their own special preparations. Either way, Foie Gras remains a favorite world-wide today. Buy French Foie Gras online today, fast shipping from the US straight to your home.