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Francine French Crumble Ready Mix 2,205 lb (1kg)

  • Francine French Crumble Ready Mix 2,205 lb (1kg)

  • Brand: Francine
  • SKU: FPC001
  • Net Weight: 1kg/ 2.205lb/ 35.2oz
  • Best By: 08/21/2018
  • $4.19

  • $3.39

Francine created my Crumble with brown sugar to succeed in 5 minutes fruit desserts, but not only!

Wheat flour, brown sugar 32.5%, non-hydrogenated palm oil, whey powder (milk), milk protein.

Possible presence of egg, soy, sesame seeds and nuts.

Directions:1 bag of preparation for My Crumble with brown sugar Francine2 tablespoons of water (20g)750g of fruit 

1) I preheat the oven to 356 °F. I peel the fruits and then cut them in big quarters. I put them in a dish in an oven.

2) In a salad bowl, I pour the contents of the bag and I add the water. I mix with a fork.

3) I knead the dough with the fingertips to obtain more or less large dough crumbs.

4) I crumble the crumble dough on the fruits. I bake for about 30 minutes at 356 ° F to obtain a golden brown crumble. Hot or Cold, it's your choice!

 Net weight 2.205 lb (1kg) 

Product of France.

Net Weight 1kg/ 2.205lb/ 35.2oz

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