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Haribo French Tagada Strawberry Candy 120g (4.2oz)

  • Haribo French Tagada Strawberry  Candy 120g (4.2oz)

  • Brand: Haribo
  • SKU: HT001
  • Net Weight: 120g/ 4.2oz
  • $2.89

Ah, Tagada strawberry! His only evocation is greedy, his only image is appetizing! This small aerated ball covered with fine colored sugar seduces the big and the small gourmands since nearly 50 years. It was indeed in 1969 that it was born. The strawberry candy we all love! The Tagada strawberry is a delight for young and old alike. Find the sweet of your childhood with its sweet marshmallow and its inimitable taste on the e-shop Le Panier Francais!

Product of France

Net Weight 120g/ 4.2oz

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