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  • We carry many different kinds of French premium, Bonne Maman French Violet Fig Jam, Bonne Maman French Rhubarb Jam and French Chestnut Vanilla Jam. Natural unprocessed Provence Lavender Honey is pure and full of flavor.

    Whatever you’re looking for, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best French fruit preserves and jams, and you’ll find it here. Check out our selection below and try them today!
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  • Trying to find French jams and premium all natural fruit preserves? Quit searching the store shelves and see what we have in store for you here!It’s believed that the first jams, jellies and preserves were actually made somewhere in the Middle East, Persia (modern day Iran) being the best bet.

    When the Crusaders returned to Europe they brought it with them, along with cookies and candy (known as “sweet meats”).Sugar cane wasn’t used in jellies and jams though until the 1500s when Spanish traders met up with it in the West Indies and imported it back to Europe.

  • What’s the Difference?
    Jelly, Jam and Preserves – we use all of these terms interchangeably but there is a difference. In France you’ll find that most French jams and premium preserves and other French products for sale online are mixed with chestnuts, nutmeg and large chunks of fruit…

    but what’s the difference between the three?
    Jams are a viscous (thick) mixture of cut fruit mixed with pectin, a truly thick puree. Most jams will have a single kind of fruit in it, but some jams, like our Provence Violet Fig Jam, can have more than one fruit.

  • French Preserves are thicker than jams, with large pieces of chestnuts and fruits, even whole fruits, suspended in a sticky delicious thick syrup.
    Jelly is made with fruit juice and contains no fruit chunks, is more sugar and pectin than anything.
    Understanding Real Honey
    We carry French Provence Lavender Honey,

    and since it’s an unprocessed honey product you’ll get a little bit of crystallization in the package. Unprocessed honey has a higher pollen count in the jar, which means more flavor, more color (the milky color isn’t wax, don’t worry), and a much better quality honey filled with minerals and a taste of France you won’t find anywhere else.