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Maizena Bechamel French Sauce 8.8 OZ (250g)

  • Maizena Bechamel French Sauce 8.8 OZ (250g)

  • Brand: MAIZENA
  • SKU: C3008
  • Net Weight: 250g/ 8.8oz
  • $6.69

What could be easier than to realize his bechamel with Roux for Béchamel Maïzena®! Simply pour the product into boiling milk and it's ready! You get a delicious béchamel with a good homemade taste! It is you who dose the milk and the powder, so you adjust the consistency of your bechamel sauce as you wish: thick for gratin and light for topping.

Product of France

Net Weight 250g/ 8.8oz

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