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  • French Candy is wonderfully delicious, natural and rich – and here you’ll find a selection of French Tagada Strawberry Haribo Candy, Carambar French Caramel Candy and Vichy Pastille Mint Candies. We also have a seasonal selection of Mon Cheri by Ferrero Roche and other French chocolates.

    Each French province has its own special candy; while the Tagada came from a German company at first (the same company that created the first gummi bear!), the French have made this candy their own.

  • French Carambar Caramel candy was originally created by accident, when a factory was trying to use up some surplus stock. Today it comes in dozens of flavors (many of which are hard to come by outside of France). Vichy MintCandies, or pastilles de Vichy, were originally used to calm the stomach – but now they’re mints made with aniseed and lemon. Try some out today!

    Did you know that the word “candy” actually comes from the Arabic “qandi”; this just means something made with sugar. French candy and confectionary has a long tradition dating back to before Rome, and here we’re going to take a quick look. After all, if you’re going to buy French Candy online it never hurts to know more about it, does it?

  • Pastilles de Vichy, or Vichy pastilles (which we sell!) are hexagonal shaped candies that were originally made with sodium bicarbonate – the same stuff in we put in antacids today! It’s been the favorite of Empresses and people the world over for nearly 200 years. The Vichy Pastilles we enjoy today are different though, because they’ve added mint, aniseed and lemon as well as sugar.

    Le Berlingot de Nantes is another type of unusually shaped French candy. When most of us think of Nantes, we might think of their delicious cookies or “biscuits”; but they have a candy tradition all their own! It’s a tetrahedron that you’ll have to keep turning and turning over and over again in your mouth, trying to make round. They come in many flavors and are one of the more popular candy from France to buy online.

  • La Betise de Cambrai is a lot like the Carambar candies for sale that we ship here in the US; some say it was the result of the stupidity of a candy maker in the early 1800s; we prefer to think of it as a happy accident in French candy history! These white mint hard candies have a bit of caramel along the side – but we still prefer the Carambar French caramels much more.

    Les Marrons Glaces are candied chestnuts from the South of France. More and more land is going towards grape production, but once chestnuts were maybe cultivated even more than grapes. You’ll find chestnut jam for sale on our site, broken into pieces using the same process. If you do find les marrons glaces, make sure you eat them whole!

  • Provence Candied Violets are crystalized violet candies that you have to try once. They’re hard to make, hard to find, so when you do make sure you snap them up! They look great on cakes, over ice cream and on desserts in general.

    This is just a small sampling of French candy to buy online in the US; there are many other types of French candies like French dragees, le Negus de Nevers, L’anis de Flavigny, Bergamote de Nancy and more. Open up your pallet, try some French candies today!