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  • Numerous studies have shown that organic food is healthier to consume than non-organic food. Organic food has more nutrients and contains more antioxidants, which can reduce the risk of life-threatening ailments. This type of food also contains more minerals and vitamins.

    Organic food tastes better because there's no genetic modification that takes place. More importantly, it's safe to consume, especially for babies and children since it contains minimal to zero toxins. With no dangerous pesticides or chemicals used on the food, you can truly enjoy it without putting your health at risk.

  • At Le Panier Francais, we are proud to present to you our extensive and always-growing line of 100%, certified French organic products. We carry organic food items such as French Cereals and Milk Cookies, French Cereals Chocolate Chips and

    Honey Cookies, French Cereals Chocolate Cookies, and more. You can easily buy organic French food from our website and we'll ship it to you within no time, so you can enjoy the freshness and goodness of organic food.

  • We are constantly expanding our line of organic food products, so keep checking back to see what new delicious delights we carry on our list of organic French food. In addition, if you feel that we're missing one of your favorite French organic products,

    don't hesitate to reach out and contact us by clicking on Contact Us in our menu section. We will ensure that we carry that product if feasible, that's the Le Panier Francais guarantee to you. Feel free to browse through our organic products and select your favorites.