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Rougie Duck Rillettes – A Must-Have Gourmet Delicacy For Every Kitchen

If you want true flavor of French cuisine, a jar of duck rillettes are a must-have for your kitchen. A centuries old French favorite, rillettes are the most favorite type of spread you can find in every French kitchen. However, not all rillettes are good rillettes, only the best one of this gourmet delicacy will give you the real flavor you are looking for. And when you are looking for the best, nothing beats Rougié duck rillettes.

Amora — A Taste of Tradition

Rougié duck rillettes are one of the best products found today. The legend started with a small gourmet shop set up in 1875. It was in the 1950’s that the business made it to global markets, becoming one of the best known duck rillettes. From restaurants to royal families, everybody wanted Rougié duck rillettes, all because of its distinctive taste and a secret recipe that has yet to be replicated. Found in 120 countries today, this rillettes product is a classic product that is a tradition in most French cuisine.

What Makes Rougié Duck Rillettes So Special?

The very amazing and delicious taste of Rougié duck rillettes comes from the all-natural ingredients used in it. Unlike any other rillettes in the market, this has 85% duck meat in it along with white wine, onions, salt, pepper, herbs and nutmeg, leaving no room for any preservatives. It has a nice smooth texture and is less fatty than pork rillettes. The use of natural herbs allows the natural goodness of duck meat to come out with all its essence, making this spread simply delicious.

Why Duck Rillettes Are So Good?

Provided that you can find a lot of rillettes types in the market, duck rillettes are still the best to go for due to the natural benefits of duck meat. Duck fat has the highest level of unsaturated fatty acids, making it as good and healthy as olive oil. These fatty acids are going to keep your cardiovascular system in good shape while proving to be a complete treat to your taste buds. So when you are shopping for rillettes, duck rillettes are not just a tasty option, but a healthy one as well.

How Can You Enjoy Duck Rillettes The Best Way?

There are a hundred ways you can enjoy Rougié duck rillettes, getting the best out of it. Use it as a spread with French bread, toasts or baguettes if you want to keep it simple or use it in place of butter for sautéing vegetables. The wonderful flavor of rillettes will make every meal you make from it a complete delight. You can also top it up with cornichons or pickled vegetables to make it ever tastier. Whatever way you eat it, Rougié duck rillettes is going to taste extremely scrumptious, every bite of it tempting you to take one more. Before you know it, you will have no idea that you have finished a small jar of this wonderful gourmet delight!

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