• 1883 Syrup Violet 1L (33.8 fl oz)

1883 Syrup Violet 1L (33.8 fl oz)

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  • Brands: Routin
  • SKU: RU006
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Routine 1883 Violet Syrup is a 100% natural syrup with sweet and floral violet flavors, belonging to the Routine House Classic range. It is perfect for making colorful cocktails, fruit salad, flavoring whipped cream, biscuits or cakes to the taste of violet, without alcohol, so that everyone can enjoy. Give free rein to your imagination and combine these timeless syrups with your everyday life.

Approved by the Vegetarian Society and certified kosher, these syrups are also gluten-free and cholesterol-free.

No High Fructose Corn Syrup


Alcohol-free: Soda, Chocolate, Milk (hot or cold) Juice, Tea

With alcohol: All alcohols; Beer, Champagne, Cocktail, Whisky, Vodka, White wine, Gin, Rum, Rosé wine, Tequila, Brown beer, Liqueurs

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