• 1883 Tomato Syrup 1l (33.8 fl oz)

1883 Tomato Syrup 1l (33.8 fl oz)

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  • Brands: Routin
  • SKU: RU5290
Le Club

Fruity and Sulphur Notes, characteristics of freshly picked tomato from the garden. 

More info: Considered and consumed as a vegetable, tomato is actually a fruit. It is easy to transport and prepare, making it an indispensable ingredient in many kitchens. Most of the time round and red, the tomato also has many varieties, with very different colors and shapes.

Applications: Culinary applications, cocktails aromatizing gourmet beverages giving them a wide variety of flavors uses in sweet or savory culinary preparations making innovative cocktails without preservatives, without Artificial aroma, without dye, without GMO

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