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Maison Boissier Assortment Candy Fruits Balls (blue box) 275g (9.70oz)

  • Maison Boissier Assortment Candy Fruits Balls (blue box) 275g (9.70oz)

  • Brand: Maison Boissier
  • SKU: C035
  • Net Weight: 1.6oz

Maison Boissier offers you to share a real pleasure by tasting delicate and unique sweets. The luxury confectioner offers candy lovers a wide choice, suitable for all tastes. Excellence is undoubtedly the word that best suits these sweets, which you will offer accompanied by a tea, which this confectioner has the secret.

Discover the delicious candy fruit balls of the Maison Boissier. Enjoy these sweets with the delicate scents of orange, lemon, blueberry, and cherry. Boissier has been a specialist in luxury confectionery for several decades. These candies were created many years ago and the scents have been enriched with new flavors over time.

Ingredients: Orange: 61.53% sugar, 36.92% glucose syrup, 1.23% citric acid, 0.12% flavor, 0.20% E120 color, beeswax.

Lemon: 61.08% sugar, 36.65% glucose syrup, 1.22% citric acid, 0.81% flavoring, 0.24% E161b color, beeswax.

Blueberry: 61.31% sugar, 36.79% glucose syrup, 1.22% citric acid, 0.37% flavoring, E120-E163-E131 coloring 0.31%, beeswax.

Cherry: 60.98% sugar, 36.58 9% glucose syrup, 1.22% citric acid, 0.81% flavoring, 0.41% E120 color, beeswax.

No other ingredients are used.

The inevitable Bonbon Boule, born from Boissier's imagination, has been enriched over time with multiple flavors.

Conservatives are excluded from the development process in order to preserve the authenticity of raw materials.

Non-contractual photos and colors A slight difference may exist depending on our arrivals.

Net Weight 1.6oz

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