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Amora French Strong Dijon Mustard 15.5oz

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  • Brand: Amora
  • SKU: M003
  • Net Weight: 440g/ 15.5oz

Amora, par amour du gout.
Amora puts its passion for taste at your service to offer you quality products that will enhance all your dishes. Because Amora knows that the quality of the products is at the heart of moms' concerns, Amora is committed to offering products whose flavors are preserved...
Present in the hearts of the French since 1934, Amora continues to seduce every year with simple, tasty, and original novelties. Recognized and appreciated for its know-how and the quality of its products, make easy, gourmet and delicious recipes, and reinvent your dishes by giving them more and more taste with Amora. On the edge of the plate, in your sandwiches, or hot, Amora products will season and enhance the flavors of your kitchen. Enjoy the pleasure of sharing delicious meals with family or friends. Discover all the easy and gourmet Amora tips and recipes: you will delight young and old alike, for the pleasure of all taste buds...
After more than 70 years of existence, Amora mustard is part of the French culinary heritage. Whether strong, sweet, or flavored, iconic Amora mustards will inspire you to cook with character, and help you raise meats, sauces, pie bottoms, picnics and appetizers...

Ingredients Water, MUSTARD seeds, alcohol vinegar, salt, acidifier: citric acid, preservative 

Product of France


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  • Dec 29th 2014

    My wife and I just returned from a spectacular trip to France and had the good fortune to have this mustard served to us at a restaurant. The waiter was kind enough to write down the name for us and we were able to pick some up here for ourselves and gifts for friends. It is a great topping for a steak and is a perfect ingredient for with balsamic for a wonderful salad dressing. If you haven’t had this try it you will not be disappointed.

  • Dec 8th 2014

    In fact that is the product you can find at any supermarket in France, it is the real one. Flavorful, strong, a flavor that you will not forget. Nothing to do with local mustard that claim to be French. If you try it that is what you will use from now on. You do not have to keep it refrigerated until you open it. I have been looking for a while to find some in the US and now I know where to get it. Do not overstock as they do have a shelve life but le Panier does a good job to send you some that have a while left. I order them 3 at the time but also use it every day. Goes well with steak and perfect if you do you own mayonnaise . ( yes making you own mayo required a teaspoon of mustard). Try it and you will understand what I am talking about.

  • Nov 5th 2014

    Raised in France, know the product well. Makes good salad dressing a fine condiment to use with cold roast beef or cold cuts.

  • Oct 26th 2014

    Genuine French Dijon mustard. Flavorful, but with a bite. We cannot live without it! Puts other brands to shame.

  • Oct 24th 2014

    I love this stuff. In fact, it's so good I could eat it right out of the jar! Creamy, with a bit of a bite (not too much), this is a mustard that will perk up many dishes. It's FAR better than anything you can get from a U.S. manufacturer. Try it!

  • Sep 23rd 2014

    Best mustard if you like it strong and without distracting add-on flavors. Price was right but recent 25% price hike is a bit hard to swallow... Still, there is no substitute! Maybe, some day you will carry the Chocolate 'Cote d'Or'? Then I will not have to go back to Europe to shop!! Le Panier Francais Answer: The price hike was due to shipping cost going up. However we kept the same flat rate for shipping.

  • Sep 4th 2014

    Since my days in school in Nice 40 years ago I have missed this treat. Yes, treat. I would buy it in a tube and live all day on bread, ham and Amora. Try it on french fries you will be impressed. This is the best price available. Buy some for friends and relatives - they will thank you!

  • Sep 2nd 2014

    Nice, tasty, strong dijon, but we thought the Monoprix generic brand in France was even stronger, which equals better to us. Still, this is great mustard and makes everything taste better.

  • Aug 19th 2014

    Best Dijon mustard I have ever had. Wonderful flavor and extra spicy. Marvelous with country pate and good quality ham. Nothing better.


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