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Easy Cassoulet


      Prep Time:       120 mins

      Cook Time:      180 mins  

      Serves:          8 people

      Difficulty :       Medium


  • 2lbs of dry beans (soisson/mojettes) (4oz per guest)
  • 4 legs of duck confit in a jar
  • 4 toulouse sausages
  •  2 cooked sausages (garlic or unseasoned)
  • 1 pig’s feet cut in half
  •  2 carrots cut into slices and 1 large onion cut into thin slices
  • 6 cloves of garlic, crushed
  • Small can of crushed tomatoes or tomato paste
  • Bouquet Garni (parsley, thyme, laurel white leek)
  • Pork rinds
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    • Soak beans for 24 hours in 1-1.5 gallons of cool water.
    • Sear in the first slices of bacon cut into 4 pieces. 
    • Add pork sausages, now cut in two after cooking; add 2 cooked sausages and cut into quarters. 
    • Set aside after cooking and discard drippings and fat. 
    • Line the bottom of your pan with pork rinds, dividing layers previously drained beans, pork feet, pieces of bacon, sausage, sausage with garlic (if you’re using this), onions, garlic, carrots, herbs and top it all off with the remaining beans.
    • Now moderately salt and pepper your dish.
    • Dilute tomato sauce with water and cover contents of pot with liquid.
    • Start cooking on high heat and when it becomes a broth turn down to a simmer for 3 hours.
    • 3 hours before serving, resume cooking like above.
    • Get your duck confit (add link to duck confit here) and heat up the jar in a water bath (place jar in warm water until duck fat liquefies in jar).
    • Pour 8oz of liquid into cassoulet, store the rest of the liquid from duck confit in fridge. Use this later to fry potatoes or cook with.
    • Divide duck legs in halves, brown them in the oven at 170c 338F (350F is fine, just watch for burning!) in a baking dish. 
    • Once cassoulet is done, place duck legs on top and you’re all done!