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Exfoliating Soap Rope Lavender 7.76 oz

  • Exfoliating Soap Rope Lavender 7.76 oz

  • Brand: La Savonnerie de Nyons
  • SKU: SN104

This 7.76 oz exfoliating soap lavander cleanses the pores of your skin and facilitates the exfoliation of dead skin cells. The natural exfoliation based on vegetable encrustations, is based on the removal of the upper layers of the skin and the dead cells. It helps restore freshness and radiance to the skin and stimulate cellular regeneration. The results are visible immediately.

An aesthetic and practical soap. Ideal to please or have fun.

Enriched with ORGANIC shea butter and Nyons olive oil, this rope soap with moisturizing and restorative properties gives your skin suppleness, well-being and soothing.

All the fragrance essences of our soaps come from the perfume capital, the city of Grasse.

Created and made in the heart of the Drôme Provençale.

Rub the soap on your wet skin. Rinse with clear water.

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