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This product is so good. The dark chocolate is delicious and the caramel is just right.Just the right amount of chewy.
Dennis A

  Antesite Licorice Anis

I grew up with this drink, it is a natural way of flavoring the water to make me drink my daily requirement the best flavor
Andre C

  Amora Mayonnaise Tube

Je suis ravie de pouvoir acheter cette mayonnaire aux USA, une mayo avec du gout !!
Claire T

  Same as my Childhood

BN were the to-go to afternoon snack for me and sometimes breakfast with hot chocolate. Yum!! Like I remember it!
Sophie L

  Just like In France

I confirm : These pickles are the same that we could find in France! Vinegar is the life! I am so thankful for Le Panier Francais
Remy O

  We love these!!!

The one and only Cracotte de Lu! I could not imagine breakfast without these, they really have become a staple in my diet.
Christine G

  TrouvĂ© ce que je voulais

Pate tres difficile a trouver aux USA ou je vis depuis 12 ans. Merci "le Panier Francais" de le proposer dans vos produits !
Johnny P

  Amora French Strong Dijon Mustard

Love it! The best Dijon anywhere, highly recommend it!
Margot B

  Bonjour et Merci

Bonjour et merci pour la commande rapide des dragées bleues et blanches pour la communion de mon fils samedi !
Mathilde V

  St Michel French Galettes

I finally found these wonderful tasty cookies. You can taste the butter, and not so much starchy flour.
Erika S

  Bonne Maman Fig Violet

Awesome jam! We grow lots of tasty figs here in east Texas but these are very, very good.
Sharon B

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