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Build your farm

  • Build your farm

  • Brand: LLC
  • SKU: MX028

A great construction easy to achieve with the farmer, his family and all the animals that live on the farm!

Numbered and pre-cut elements easy to detach. A clear and easy to understand assembly manual will allow you to easily build an attractive farm, two characters, lots of animals and accessories.

To play alone or with others!

This book is a real building game! The parts, accessories, and characters are already precut so that you can easily extract them from the book (no need for scissors, your fingers are enough) and assemble them. You will then, following the instructions are given, build your playground and decorate it. Once mounted, you can play hours with your construction, alone or with your friends.

This book is for children over 7 years old.

ISBN: 9782754209090

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