• Maison Boissier Dragées Heart Chocolate White and Blue 52g (1.84 oz)

Maison Boissier Dragées Heart Chocolate White and Blue 52g (1.84 oz)

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  • Brands: Maison Boissier
  • SKU: MB1802
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Le Panier Francais offers Maison Boissier's Coeur Chocolat dragees. All you need to decorate your decor and to offer a little greed to your guests. Whether you are looking for treats for your wedding or your baptism, with Le Panier Francais all your wishes and all your requirements will be fulfilled!

Originality in these drums of the Maison Boissier, by their heart shape symbol of love. In different colors, you can make a mixture of colors to harmonize your dragee containers.

Why offer heart-shaped dragees?

Smaller than the traditional dragees, it will be an asset original charm, the little extra that sometimes makes the difference. It is also agreed a little easier to place in unusual containers, as for example the containers of the House Boissier "Jewel Box Angel".

A dragee traditionally refers to a colorful covered candy with a hard-outer shell and a softer center, often used for decoration in addition to eating.

Since its creation, Maison Boissier has managed to preserve unique craftsmanship by mixing tradition and modernity. Its high-end natural confectionery preserves the authentic flavors of its ingredients. Over time, recipes have been revisited to diversify the range and offer unusual and innovative recipes, adapted to fans and new customers. Similarly, boxes and packaging have been reissued from Boissier archives rediscovered.

Type of event: Birthday, Baby-shower, Birth, Marriage, Baptism, Communion

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