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The extraordinary journey of Sabrina French Edition

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Based on a true story, published for the first time in 1941, this classic of children's literature will take you on a great adventure ...

This is the story of Sabrina Lind, 11 years old. When World War II reached her peaceful little village in Sussex, Sabrina and her younger brother were sent by their parents to their aunt's home in America. Then begins for them a long journey, during which Sabrina will keep a diary.

Now I'm going to write my journal because we're going to America because of the war. It's just been decided. I will write everything I can because I know that since I will be much older when I get home, I am afraid I will not remember everything. So here, I begin. For pity, let us go home very quickly.

Author: Pamela Lyndon Travers

Gertrude Hermes (Illustrator), Marie-Axelle de La Rochefoucauld (Translator)

9-12 years

260 Pages

ISBN: 9791095174028

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