• You understand French? (French Edition)

You understand French? (French Edition)

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Do you want to write and speak good French? Make your own diagnosis. Here are 320 tests to find out where you are. What are your skills in vocabulary, grammar, conjugation, in the field of etymology or that of the history of language. Barbarism, improprieties, anglicisms, the language of wood, chords of agreement and spelling, gibberish will be swept away if you devote a little time and thought! The method proposed by Bernard Lecherbonnier is radical.

The author explains where the most common language errors come from and how to fix them. His demonstrations are based on the language of the media. The most famous journalists are thus pinned over learned and cheerful pages. Everything is sifted: aberrant pronunciation, odd connections, grammatical mistakes, gibberish. The good use of French in good humor and without purist intolerance, here is the challenge of this book.

Would you take back your language? A plus in your life and for your career!

Author: Bernard Lecherbonnier

217 Pages

ISBN: 9782365320238

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